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The Best of Bali

All things Bali! Recently, I had a friend ask me about the cities I visited during my stay in Bali. I made her this description with tips for each of the places I went! I figured I may as well share it with the rest of the world, JUST in case you plan to make … Continue reading

Southeast Asia Travel Tips

To anyone who ever backpacks Asia I have a few very important tips that you would never realize until you get here. 1.BUG SPRAY… a must. There are bugs here I never knew existed and they get cha. Be especially careful though, your bug spray needs to at least 30 deet. The bugs in SE … Continue reading

Tuesday Ten: Ten of the best beaches!

TEN OF THE BEST BEACHES I HAVE EVER BEEN TO: These are ten of the best beaches I have ever stepped foot on. I’m sure this list is debatable seeing as there are many beaches I have not been to. But these are definitely winners in my books. Dreamland Beach, Bali Indonesia. Horseshoe Beach, Bermuda. … Continue reading

I Wasn’t a Normal Student

Over the past year I have traveled the world, taken 8 vacations, and made a ton of money; all while getting 6 University credits for doing so.  Since being back in Canada many people have asked, “how do you do it?”. So, this post is dedicated to how I live my life like an abnormal … Continue reading

Tuesday Ten!: Ten Airport Essentials

TEN ESSENTIAL AIRPORT ACCESSORIES: In the past year I have been to different airports a combined 20 times; LAX, DTW, YYZ, MEL, SIG, BKK, PHK, TPA, NAD, SYD, and the list goes on. There are ten things that I pray not to forget when I go to the airport. Gum – for obvious reasons. You … Continue reading

Top 5 Memories of Thailand

Seeing the previews for the upcoming bachelor episode make me slightly depressed, in the happiest way possible. Not only because I dream of Sean Lowe at night and call him my “other boyfriend”… But because the next two episodes are filmed in Thailand. The short clips I have seen are footage of the exact same … Continue reading

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