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Tuesday Ten!: Ten of the best tv shows in 2013.

Between my multiple jobs, my last semester of University, my blog, and trying to maintain a social life – I occasionally get to watch TV. These shows are some of my favourites right now, check them out when you can find 60 minutes of downtime.  1. Scandal: if you haven’t seen it, watch it NOW. … Continue reading

Tuesday Ten: Ten of the best beaches!

TEN OF THE BEST BEACHES I HAVE EVER BEEN TO: These are ten of the best beaches I have ever stepped foot on. I’m sure this list is debatable seeing as there are many beaches I have not been to. But these are definitely winners in my books. Dreamland Beach, Bali Indonesia. Horseshoe Beach, Bermuda. … Continue reading

Tuesday Ten!: Ten Airport Essentials

TEN ESSENTIAL AIRPORT ACCESSORIES: In the past year I have been to different airports a combined 20 times; LAX, DTW, YYZ, MEL, SIG, BKK, PHK, TPA, NAD, SYD, and the list goes on. There are ten things that I pray not to forget when I go to the airport. Gum – for obvious reasons. You … Continue reading

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