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Challenge Yourself

My personal blog has become somewhat scarce this past few months. I have been doing a lot of design and real estate blogging for clients… (my design website is here by the way), so my own page has taken a hit as a result. However, I am still here – living, breathing, happy. This year has been a … Continue reading

Personal productivity. Try it, I dare you!

I don’t know about you, but this winter weather at the end of March has put me in an extremely depressing state. I have been feeling frustrated, emotional, and have just had an overall negative feeling. I tried hibernating… I tried repeating positive thoughts over and over and over again. I tried sleeping it off, … Continue reading

All it takes is one moment.

Thoughts for today …  Yesterday, my day started as a bit of a downer. I overslept and woke up feeling sick, weak, anxious and still exhausted. I did all the things that normally make me feel better- cleaned my house, got ready for the day, made some food… But nothing was pulling me out of … Continue reading

I Wasn’t a Normal Student

Over the past year I have traveled the world, taken 8 vacations, and made a ton of money; all while getting 6 University credits for doing so.  Since being back in Canada many people have asked, “how do you do it?”. So, this post is dedicated to how I live my life like an abnormal … Continue reading

2013; the new beginning.

Happy 2013 friends! I have been working on many projects since my arrival back in the homeland on Christmas. I have had an outrageous vacation in Jamaica to celebrate the matrimony of two unreal human beings – Justin & Amanda Mosher. I am now sitting in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida enjoying the sunshine with my … Continue reading


This year brings a lot of new things, and ultimately your new you! My new blog will be about all things awesome for this years new you.

Life is a Diving Chaos. Embrace it. Breathe. & Enjoy the Ride.

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