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Thank God for good company.. Finding Beauty in the Beast

This post is going to be VERY long and tell you about the last 8 days. I haven’t written in about a week, for a few reasons. One: I haven’t had free WiFi anywhere, and even when I’ve paid there were connection problems. Two: Most of my posts would’ve been disheartening to read because of … Continue reading

Thank God for my family.

Hi!!  I have had a few awesome days, and have been so busy I haven’t been able to write. Last week was a week of checking things off my To-Do list. Moving day, change adresses, etc. Sunday night was my going away party and I was so happy to see all the faces! Brittany surprised … Continue reading

Rage Blackout

Well hello, First things first. WHO INVENTED ERRANDS?! Because, after 4 hours of running around downtown Toronto, during rush hour I might add, I despise every 1800 number and envelope with my name on it.I leave in 5 days, so I have the invincibility feeling right now. Bills? Nah, Ill just ignore them for the … Continue reading

The Trivial Pursuit of Packing

Well hello again,  I woke up this morning to a big dose of reality – only six more days! Todays biggest task is one that I have been dreading for months, packing. I have separated my clothes into 3 piles: unnecessary to bring, maaaaybe I will wear these, and I wear all the time’s. After careful … Continue reading

One week to go!

Hi!  In one week from today, I will be partaking in the journey of a lifetime. 7 months of adventure, fun, and experiences. Because I am going to be taking over the world for the next 7 months, I wanted to give my family and friends something to read about my travels. In other words, … Continue reading

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