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Tuesday Ten!: Ten of the best tv shows in 2013.

Between my multiple jobs, my last semester of University, my blog, and trying to maintain a social life – I occasionally get to watch TV. These shows are some of my favourites right now, check them out when you can find 60 minutes of downtime. 

1. Scandal: if you haven’t seen it, watch it NOW. I watched the first two seasons in three days after my mother introduced me to this fantastic show. A cross between law and order and gossip girl. Business savvy and scandalous. 

2. Revenge: Madeline Stowe makes it all worth it. You’ll sit on the edge of your seat and wait for Sunday night to come all week.

3. Grey’s Anatomy: always a favourite. This is the last and final season, season 9. Grey’s has brought me through many laughs and many tears, you would be crazy to miss out on the last season EVER.

4. Happy Endings: The New “Friends”. I compare the happy endings cast with my best friends in real life. I have my very own Max.. you’ll have to watch the show to find out what that entails.

5. Big Brother Canada: But this time it’s in Canada, too! Im a reality tv junkie, so Big Brother (and Big Brother after dark) gets me every time. My favourites this season, Jillian, Emmett, and Gary. Eliminate the floaters!

6. Modern Family: I just love it. This show encompasses so much of my life and my family. The whole concept and how the show is recorded is phenomenal. Cam and Mitchell and their adorable brat of a daughter are absolutely worth watching.

7. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette: Will you accept this rose? My roommates and I (including my boyfriend) have become obsessed with watching the crazies on this show. Its like a sick psychological experiment mixed with fancy vacations and champagne. It’s wonderful – and you can place bets on how many girls cry! Stay tuned for Desires season to air this fall.

8. Person of Interest: J.J. Abrahms. Enough said. He wasted years of my life by producing LOST, now I am stuck wasting more years watching Person of Interest. Ben from LOST is the main character, making it a Must See.

9. Californication: Hank Moody …. David Duchovny. This man is something else. So sinfully attractive, I keep coming back for more. After 5 seasons, he can’t seem to get it right! This show is so entertaining, just don’t watch it on an airplane with the sound accidentally on. I know from experience, its severely embarrassing.

10. The Celebrity Apprentice, All stars: As a business professional, I love to see these fast tracked challenges and all the G-List celebrities fight for Donald Trumps compliments. You get to watch hundreds of thousands of dollars get tossed around and then watch people get fired! And, you get to cringe every time Omarosa speaks. It’s quite hilarious.

Other notable shows: The Amazing Race (AWESOME!), Walking Dead, True Blood, & The Misfits.

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Hi! My name is Tara Murphy. I am a self-proclaimed Blogger, foodie, and travel fanatic. Yes, I am one of those people who takes pictures of their food. Why? Because it is delicious, end of story. I created my first blog in January, 2012 before I started my 11-month journey around the world. I am now settled back in Toronto, Canada and am started a little thing called REAL LIFE. What even is real life? Who knows. All I know is I love life and I love writing. So I write about life, all aspects of it. The good and the bad.


One thought on “Tuesday Ten!: Ten of the best tv shows in 2013.

  1. well you youngins think we know where to find these shows. If you are going to suggest them you need to tell us old folks what day and time. Not all of us know how to watch a whole season in 2 days. If I did I may never turn on a TV until spring break ever again… Thanks for sharing but I must disagree with 2.. WALKING DEAD is terrible and never a fan of fake relationships with no list. I should run a reality show called the list and save all those bachelor and ettes a tough time!!

    Posted by mommasoph | March 26, 2013, 7:41 pm

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