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The secrets to Grocery Shopping.

Because it’s Sunday (usually the grocery shopping day), here are some tips to make your new 2013 you happier and healthier!

How many of you go to the grocery shop for 3 items, but come out with 27 instead. This happens ALL the time. But stop worrying, because I have some very valuable secrets. Secrets that has saved me thousands of dollars and helped me avoid gaining an extra 20 pounds this year. Ready for these mind blowing discoveries? …..

Secret number 1: STAY ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE GROCERY STORE. Yes, that’s just it. Avoid the aisles. The outside edges of the grocery store have all the fruits&veggies, deli, everything that is fresh and not sold in a box or microwavable container. You may still come out with more food than anticipated, but it will be more healthy alternatives which does no harm to the bank account or your belly. Try this trick the next time you are at the grocery store and you will avoid walking past sodas, chips, and frozen foods containing 100% fat. It works!

Secret number 2: STICK TO YOUR LIST. Some people make grocery lists and forget them at home on purpose. Others don’t make them at all. Making grocery lists keep you from all of those tempting treats that you didn’t know existed before you saw them at the checkout. They also ensure that you are not furious when you get home and forgot the eggs and the milk, the two things you went for.

Secret number 3: PREP DAY. Since I’ve been on my health kick, and mostly because I wan’t to stop passing out in public – I am required to keep my iron and B12 at a maximum. Most days, I find myself at home wanting something to pick at. If you put salt and vinegar chips or French fries and gravy in front of me  – I will eat it, ALL of it. So, I turn grocery shopping day into “prep” day too. As soon as I get home from the grocery store, I take out my cucumber, peppers, celery, pineapple,  carrots etc. etc. out of the bag and immediately start chopping. I use those beautiful $1 glad containers and TA-DA!, I have created DIY snack trays. This way, the next time I want something little to pick at, I have my choice of fruit or veggie to hold me over. I promise you, this saves the lives of munchies all around the world. Happy grocery-ing!

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About Tara Murphy

Hi! My name is Tara Murphy. I am a self-proclaimed Blogger, foodie, and travel fanatic. Yes, I am one of those people who takes pictures of their food. Why? Because it is delicious, end of story. I created my first blog in January, 2012 before I started my 11-month journey around the world. I am now settled back in Toronto, Canada and am started a little thing called REAL LIFE. What even is real life? Who knows. All I know is I love life and I love writing. So I write about life, all aspects of it. The good and the bad.


4 thoughts on “The secrets to Grocery Shopping.

  1. Hi Tara, Thanks especially for secret number 1 that I actually do unconsciously but never thought about it as such! x

    Posted by Sofia | February 24, 2013, 10:57 am
  2. Reblogged this on

    Posted by arzainal | February 24, 2013, 11:06 am
  3. Love this! So true about prep. Makes the week so much easier too!

    Posted by Sandra Chabot | February 24, 2013, 11:40 am
  4. I HATE grocery stores. I hate even spelling groshry…. I am going to publish a phonetic dictionary for words like that, anyway i believe i will try the,,,, stay on the outside tip AND you youngins have nonexcu for lists t home, you have smart phones 🙂 … Glad the girls preps… She was never fed well so these are probably good lessons!

    Posted by Mama soph | February 24, 2013, 12:10 pm

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