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Thank God for Graham Crackers and Clamato Juice

Hello again!
This post may bring a little more positivity than the last few. I was encountering a quarter-life crisis, but all it took was a few thousand dollars of trip money to get my head back on straight (Ridiculous, I KNOW!). BUT, the truth is, I am a little traveler at heart – and I need the sunshine in my life. As crazy as it sounds the sun makes a huge difference in my daily life and attitude. It shouldn’t, I know “we choose our own attitude, etc etc etc”. The one I choose has sunshine in it, a little Vitamin D everyday goes a long way I have learned. SO, will all of that said – I have a few weeks of sunshine ahead. But before that a few things to finish. Here is a snapshot view of my life in the next month.
(I apologize for my excitement. I cant stop smiling inside because this is what I really came across the world for, adventures. Not school! School was just the excuse to drag Chris and Kenny here, shhh.)
Okay, so.

This week June 10-June 16.
All about exams, baby. Because all my brother talks about is his 4.0 GPA and straight A’s, I figured I may as well have something to fire back at him. So, I have been studying all week for exams. In Canada, it is easy to do my version of studying, which is use my gift of a great photographic memory, stare at my notes for a short period of time, and have good enough hypothesis to guess multiple choice questions correctly. In this country, I won’t be so lucky. The exams are actually about applying the information and solving real problems and situations, therefore hard to bullshit. So I have a lot of work to do. This Friday is accounting. I’m hoping I can go back to Mr. Castagnas class (you all know what I’m talking about), and find the inner accountant in me. To sum this week up, minimal work, maximum studies.
Next week June 17-23rd.
 This week is about freedom. Well, after Wednesday. Monday will be my final study day with exams on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. At 11:30 when I finish my finance exam on Wednesday, Kenny will pick me up in our new car (just kidding, our rental car). Then for our “anniversary” (I say that lightly, because we don’t really know when it all began), we rented a cottage in Mornington Peninsula! It is so lovely there. Wine country, and this amazing hot spring and spa we are going to. Also, a little sidenote – the cottage we rented has 14 beds. The lady asked us to tell everyone to bring their own linen. Funny thing, theres only two of us, and one set of linen. Thank god for the 14 beds though, we needs those! No, but really it will be so nice to get away – into the nature and beaches. So many littler wineries and cool hiking spot up there! So, Wednesday-Friday is our “breakation” (we have a break so we take a vacation) and then back to the city for a weekend of tending bar. This week is the beginning of my new adventures, and I cant wait!
June 24th-June 30th.
Saturday, June 23rd I will stumble in from work at about 5-6am as per usual. But THIS TIME instead of eating a shwarma and passing out, I will finish packing and go straight to the airport! (Im hoping to convince Kenny to rent a car for an hour and drive me … we’ll see how that goes). More realistically, I will take the shuttle bus and arrive at the airport for about 7am. I will check in, take a nice 5 hours snooze on the plane and wake up in FIJI, AGAIN! Yes, if you read back to January I say only dirty things about Fiji and my hatred for the country. I also think I said I will (and quote) “Never spend a dollar of my money supporting that manipulative country”. But the reality is, like I said, I am a sunshine girl. And Fiji has sun, which means I can get over my fear of dying in another Fiji hurricane and go for it. I also bought my brother an early birthday (and Christmas and next years birthday) present, a flight to meet me in Fiji! Also, it was kind of my way of getting over my homesickness. A little family fix is exactly what I need. Anyway, This week is all about family time and some R&R. Our plan is to laze around, snorkel, and do absolutely nothing for 10 days.
July 1st-July 7th
This week is great, because guess what – IM STILL IN FIJI! Tarik leaves me on the second to get back to work, and I stay until the night of the 3rd. I think I arrive back in Melbourne at 10pm Tuesday night. I will unpack, have a weekend of work, and physically prepare for more adventures. (When I say physically, I mean probably do not much and maybe pack). This week is about reorganizing and re-gathering myself.
July 8th-July 26th.
I know what you’re thinking, July 8-July26 is more than a week! Well, that is because it is all one big adventure. On July 8th, Kenny and I will pick ourselves up after a weekend of work and fly to Brisbane. (about halfway up the coast). We are going to spend a few days in Bris and the pick up our motorhome/campervan. We have a camper rented for 21 days and are planning on driving all the way to the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. Apparently, (and HOPEFULLY) it is still tropical weather up the coast. We don’t have too much of a plan as far as how many days in each place, etc. But there’s one thing we are good at, winging it. We can’t even walk down the street somewhere before we change our minds six times and then end up buying all the items to make smores instead of going out for a nice dinner. And BY THE WAY, Australians don’t know what smores are. Nor do they have anything similar to graham crackers at the grocery store. We literally stared at the crackers/cookies aisle for about 12 minutes before saying “WHERE ARE WE”. The grocery store attendants insisted we wanted “grain” crackers. After asking three different people, we bought crackers that looked relatively delicious and hoped for the best.
I know I got a little sidetracked there, but lets be honest. They’re just graham crackers. And as I’m talking about the lack of good food in Australia, I should mention that they do not have chicken wings or nachos ANYWHERE in Melbourne. Oh wait, they had nachos on the menu down the street and I got a tiny bowl with chips and salsa. If anyone knows where I can get decent honey garlic wings and real nachos in this country please let me know as soon as possible. But the best news ever is, we paid $60 because we were in dire need of clamato juice, and it finally came!! Delivery in four days ( everyone, take note). Last night, we made gourmet (well mediocre, but delish) sandwiches and had good ole’ Canadian ceasers. I thought about bringing the clamato to work and making them for everyone in sight, but then I got selfish and decided I needed all four jugs to myself. Again, ridiculous I know. Anyway. I just got home from Yoga and to be honest, I am only writing so that I don’t have to stare at any more accounting notes. But I have steak waiting to be cooked and salad ready to be eaten.
I love and miss you all. And Jessica Thompson, if you are reading this – sometimes I boycott your facebook because of all the fun you are having that I am missing out on. When burning man comes, I may just have to delete your account. Im kidding, but really I’m jealous and miss you.
Thank God for Graham crackers and clamato juice.
Till Next Time … 

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