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Thank God for Indonesia

Its been over a month since I’ve written, shame on me. Not much as changed as far as school, work, and Melbourne in general. However, I have gone through some other “life” changes myself since I’ve written last.

First things first – BALI! Right after my last entry, I went to Indonesia for 10 days, and it was the best. We spent a LOT of time sightseeing, and checking things off of my to-do list. And if any of you know me well enough, you know I have a million lists, so that took about 5 days. Then we spent the last 5 days playing the vacation game. 
Much need R&R, along with some spiritual and mental cleansing. Not to mention full body massages were $7 at most, and to hire a driver for the day was $40 for 10 hours. My birthday was our third day in Bali, and I picked the most action-packed tour I could find. We went snorkeling, to turtle island on a glass bottom boat, white-water rafting, dinner on the beach, and 2 hours at the spa! Maybe even snuck in a nap in between, but overall was a great, great day. The weather in that country,.. unexplainable. Just perfect, especially compared to the days in Melbourne. The last three days of our trip were spent on the Gili Islands, which was pure paradise. 
There are no motor vehicles allowed on the islands, so you get around by bike, walking, or horse carriages! Lovely! We spent three days lounging on the beach, snorkeling the clear blue ocean, and sipping on $2 double vodkas. Even writing this now brings me back, makes me so happy inside! Sometimes I go to the pool in our apartment building, and just float .. because all I did in Bali was float. Thanks to my photographic memory, I can close my eyes and see the exact same beaches I floated on in Indonesia. Being there just brought me mentally to a whole different world. It was inspiring, and definitely cleansed my soul. The temples were illuminating, and just cleared me right up.

After I got back from Bali, we were graced with 2 beautiful days in Melb., again back to “winter” again. The boys and I (along with the other people we went with), all got sick for the next 1-2 weeks after. Apparently, “Bali Belly” gets ya, and definitely got me. The shitty weather combined with sickness took me to a dark place for about a week. I have always known I was one with the sun, and I was terribly mistaken when I thought I had to fly around the world to get it.  It has made me realize though, how happy nice weather makes me.. and has become very influential in the post-graduation job search process. Now I know, must live south. SUN!. Becahse this place (Melbourne) is COLD. Like November cold. But then you may get one day every 6 that is beach weather, I don’t understand it. But, either way I had a semi-life crisis, and started to question what I am doing in Melbourne. I started devising different plans, and making more and more lists. Kenny had to bring me back to real life and open my eyes to all the beauty in the world around me, but it took some convincing. 

After some google-ing, Ive come to the conclusion that I am in the “negotiating” stage of my cultural experience. This is when you become anxious, pressured, and compare everything to home. Exactly what I am doing now. I knew it wasn’t homesickness, because I am not itching to go home .. just itching to get out of Melbourne. After digging myself into a hole of endless thoughts, I decided I need to pull myself out and get over it. How can I complain, when I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed?! I can’t. SO, I have decided to take all that anxious energy and find other places to direct it. I have started a serious yoga regime, two/three times a week. Kundalini yoga, it’s called. I’ve done many different types before, but nothing like this one. This type of yoga is considerably more advanced than ones I’ve done in the past and focuses more on breathing and meditation and concentration. It is exactly what I needed, and I am so happy to have found such a wonderful wellness center. The hardest part is not the physical for me particularly, but the concentration. The first class, I had a VERY hard time concentrating. We were supposed to be meditating, focusing on our body, breathe, spirit, all the goodness and truth. And I was thinking of what I had to do after the class was over, which way is the best way to get to the grocery store, what I will cook for dinner, how yummy it will be, etc etc etc etc etc. And it didn’t stop! By class number 4, I was REALLY trying to focus and not let myself spiral as per usual. I’m getting better, but it will take some work. I never realized how powerful yoga could be, and why I feel so wonderful after doing it – until now. My new instructor uses the yoga to help me understand better health and gives me life lessons without trying. Its amazing, to say the least.

So, I have been focusing more on MYSELF and this journey, growing as a person rather than anything that could make me anxious. I have started going to the fresh markets once a week, and cooking some reaaaally tasty meals and healthy. Fruits, vegs, fruits veg’s. Momma, I’m sure youre shocked reading all of this, me cooking and eating healthy. Of course I still eat my salt and vinegar EVERYTHING, just started choosing OatsnHoney instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch if you know what I mean. I’ve also been working a lot. Well, not a lot compared to my slave Jack Astor’s days, but working in school as well as at the bar. Three nights usually at the bar, and school four days a week. I am slacking a bit though compared to the first half of the semester. It just occurred to me the other day that these grades don’t even count. As happy as I was getting all A’s (which I have been getting!!), I would rather dive into this self development and worldly experiences instead.

I have started planning our southeast asia trip, and our eastcoast trip. Maybe there is some sort of travel career path in my future? I love it! Both the planning and the travelling parts, obviously. After Indonesia, I realized I should’ve done a lot more research than I had. This time around, when we go to Asia for 8 weeks (Oh yeah, we decided 4 weeks wasn’t enough), we will spend less time wandering and more time relaxing.
So far this is what I’ve come up with ..

Fly from Melbourne to Singapore. – few days in Singapore
Singapore to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. – 5ish days
Kuala Lumpar to Phuket. – 1 or 2 week in Phuket, West Coast Islands
West Coast to East Coast Island hopping -1/2 weeks. Koh Phi Phi, etc.
East Coast to Cambodia – 1 week
Cambodia to Loas – 1 week
Loas back to NorthWest Thailand – 1 week
North Thailand to Bangkok – 1 week

I’m sure the plan with change A MILLION and one times, and I’m sure we will stop along the way and decide to go off the beaten road a few times.. but overall I am so excited about it!

EastCoast Australia trip isn’t AS exciting, but tropical and fun all the same. We are going to take 2/3 weeks to do the drive. And we are planning to rent another camper van! The Great Barrier Reef will be such a wonder, so we are planning on spending most of our time up there as well as on the Whitsunday Islands!

For now, those are the things I have to look most forward to. I will continue to better myself mentally and spiritually here, and then off to yet another adventure. Between Kenny and I, we are going to spend the next few months working 2 jobs each raking it all in – then off we go. The plan is to be home by early December with enough time and money to just take it easy for Christmas with our families. Kenny is the best man in a friends wedding in January, and the good news is – the wedding is in Jamaica! So we have been cordially invited, ha, and Jamaica will be the LAST stop before settling it down back in Toronto. I have 4 more classes, and Kenny will start his police-ing things, and all will be back to normal. I will graduate, and then WHO KNOWS!

Hopefully Tarik will still be in California, so I have an excuse to apply for jobs out there. Maybe Miami (so the girls can come visit me in Southbeach), maybe New York (and eventually buy a southern beach house for the winter), or maybe even just stay in good old Toronto. Close to most of my familia, all the Windsor sophias, everyone I love in Tdot, just the best! Oh the possibilities. Terrifying, but so exciting. Life.

Till Next time … 

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