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Thank God for Easter and the vacation it brings us.

Hi Friends and Family!

I know its been a while, but I feel like its time for an update.
Its been about 2 months in this country and yesterday was the first time I realized… Im on the other side of the world. I will never be over here again. Whats the rush going home? I will miss the potato wedges and pots of beer too much.
So, Kbs and I talked about staying until December. It has been up in the air for a while now, but we are starting to make some serious plans. However … I need some advice on how to go about all of this. The plan temporarily is staying here until September – making tons and tons of monies and then traveling.
October – New Zealand, then the Gold Coast, East Coast, and Great Barrier Reef. (Byron Bay, Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney again, Whitsundays)
November – Thailand and southeast Asia
December – Home!!
With a few weekends off to go to Darwin, Perth, Tasmania.

Whatcha think?
Also, im comfortable at work here and Im not the new girl anymore, which is nice. I have the same two shifts every week and am finally used to working until 5am. We are legally allowed to serve until 5 in the morning. If i stay for a few after work beverages, as we all know I like to do – I am walking home when the sun comes up at 7am. It’s the weirdest thing.

Some more exciting news, Bali is in just 2 days! We are gone from April 8th – April 17th. We are going to stay in the touristy areas on a beach resort until April 11th, and then travel up the coast for the next two/three days, then back down for our last two days. Elephant Rides, Monkey Forests, Ocean floor walks, ATV’s, White water rafting, hot springs and temples, boating … sounds like a perfect vacation. I have been so consumed with Kennys birthday, well birthweek (he got a present every day of his birthweek – what a lucky man), that I forgot about my own! For Kennys birthday we went to dinner at the Melbourne casino (which is like a mini vegas) and then gambled some roulette. We won $100 dollars!! We were up $200 at one point, but weren’t ready to walk away so fast. It was fun, other than the little monster I became when I was loosing. Now I know where these gamblers get it from.. my stomach was burning, ha! But, anywho .. my birthday is 4 days away! A Bali birthday, how does it sound? I am one happy girl . I cant wait to write everyone after my trip to see if it all panned out to my expectations. They are quite high, so maybe I have to tone it down a little. No – it will be amazing, regardless. And I’ve checked the weather! 87 and sunny all week.

As far as school goes – easy peasy. So different than Canadian University. Instead of being lectured at for three hours about nonsense that I could learn myself, I actually am being TAUGHT by my professors, imagine that! They know my name, and ask us questions and go over real life cases. Its amazing what the $5,000 a semester becomes – you just have to travel around the world to get a real education I guess.
Speaking of school, Im missing a few classes because of Bali – and coming back to loads of assignments due. I get back on Wednesday and have a 40% Finance final on Thursday, a 40% presentation on Friday, and a 40% paper due on Friday as well. Jebus! So I finished the presentation and now need to work on finishing that paper, arg.

So whilst in the down under, and it is sunny and beautiful outside, Tara needs to write a paper. Yucky.
I’d also like to take a moment and say my prayers to the Saputo Family. Its been 2 years already Nicho, and I miss you all the time! You inspired my travel abroad, I love you and hope you are safely resting. I thought about you a lot this week, xx.

Thank God for Easter Break.

Till Next Time…

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