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Being Present

Being Present

What is important to you? What makes you happy? What brings you the most joy? My challenge to you this week is to stop planning. Stop worrying. Stop stressing. Instead, focus on answering those questions in the moment. Ask yourself .. “What will bring me happiness RIGHT NOW?” And then, do it. Live for YOU … Continue reading

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November 2014
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Life is a Diving Chaos. Embrace it. Breathe. & Enjoy the Ride.

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Sharks: "Hello, we are sharks. we live in belize, and we are hungry. Please feed us."
Me: "Oh, hey. I'm a person. I'm full, but I'm going to swim with you guys for a while until you realize I have no food. Then you won't be happy... I hope you don't eat me. You have over 200 teeth, I know. But I'll swim with you anyway." This is how our day went today! Forget six sharks, I hopped in that water and swam with about 20. We thought they would be contained or in some small "marine park", but this was just in the middle of the ocean. The biggest shark was about 10 feet, no great white, but scary all the same. Stay tuned for our underwater pictures! What a crazy world under the sea.. Maybe I'm crazy too. #nofilter #notnecessary

#shark #sharks #sea #ocean #swimming #sharkrayalley #belize #cayecaulker #travel #centralamerica #day20 #holchan #marinereserve Good morning, from Belize! 
Welcome to Day 19! I sent my intention for only sunshine and no rain, and tada! Was supposed to rain until tomorrow, but it seems the universe changed it's mind. Thanks Mother Nature for making my dreams come true! 🙏☀️👊 #belize #cayecaulker #ocean #sea #hammocks #muskoka #relaxing #centralamerica #travel #travelling #instagood #wanderlust #day19 #twerk #paradise 🍉

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